The brand of Christian Louboutin AU

Cheap Christian Louboutin Australia, sounds familiar? Has to be for the top shots of the fashion world, and for the ladies who are in vogue with the latest trends in the fashion world, and of course how can the footwear lovers not be conversant with this world famous brand! When asked ‘whether you have any idea about this brand?’ or ‘whether you would like to have a pair of Discounted Christian Louboutin?’ the answers by most of the fashion conscious ladies would be a unanimous yes! Founded in 1991, this French based company made it big in the competitive shoe business by taking the customised approach of shoe building. Before starting his own range of products by his own name, he used to work for same renowned designers like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, but a trivia is associated with his initiative to start this company. It is said that he once saw a notice at a museum saying that high heels were not allowed because they damage the floor, this infuriated him and he decided to take these people to task and started designing high heels, under his own brand name!

The man behind this world renowned brand, Christian Louboutin shoes Perth himself, was born and brought up in Paris, France. After finishing his academics, he started his career as an apprentice to the noted shoe designer Roger Vivier and as a freelance shoe designer for another celebrated shoemaker Chanel. After gaining considerable knowledge and experience in this line he kicked off with his own line of shoe wears, and opened the first store in paris in 1991. It is believed that being the only brother to three sisters played an influential role in developing his taste for fashion and appreciation for feminism. He was very much fascinated by this glamorous world of fashion and started making sketches at an early age, even neglecting his studies, as a result getting expelled from his school. But he hardly cared, as he knew he was destined to the next big name in the glam world. “I didn’t care because I felt so different from my peers.” He said in an interview to Harper’s Bazaar. He learnt a lot from Vivier. He once told “Vivier taught me that the most important part of the so kate louboutins shoes is the body and the heel”. He also drew inspirations from extensive travelling to forbidden countries like Syria and Uzbekistan.